Hip Hop Dance

Leading this class Tiffany Marie - Get ready to dance, tone, and sweat with this fun, full-body workout.


Leading this class is Clinton Sellers -  This class is a personal one-on-one training and in-building league formation.


Leading this class is Clinton Sellers - This class helps increase endurance, strengthen, and burn fat with this killer workout. Consists of: jumping rope, sparring, heavy bag training, shadow boxing, and ab exercises. 


Leading this class is Laurel Henderson - This class is a high-intensity, low-impact, total body workout. Inspired by a blend of ballet barre, pilates, and strengthening movements.

Buns & Guns

Leading this class is Alie Bernier - This class is a full-body circuit training focused on form and strength training. 


Leading this class is Joy Barksdale - Jump into full gear with our fun, hard-hitting, high-intensity workout designed to sculpt your butt, legs, hamstrings, and upper body. 

HIIT The Bands

Leading this class is Joy Barksdale - This class is a cardio and resistance training come together to create this high-intensity full-body workout. 

Body Sculpting

Leading this class is Karis Gant - This class is challenging and rewarding full-body workout designed for all shapes and sizes. 



Leading this class is Vanea Marine - This class you will dance to the beat of your favorite hits with this high-energy, calorie-burning, fun, and effective workout.

Ab Blaster

Leading this class is Johnson Joseph - In the class, you work on strengthening the core. Get fit with this targeted and challenging workout.


Leading this class is Dhaujee Kelly - Relax your mind and enjoy this full-body workout aimed to bring out your purist physical and spiritual alignment. 

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